The Smart Money Guarantee

Home Energy Upgrades With Guaranteed Cost Savings

If you're spending money to make your home more comfortable, why not invest in something that not only improves your home but also saves you money?

With the Smart Money Guarantee from Dr. Energy Saver and Attic Systems, we ensure that even if your home energy upgrades don't pay for themselves within 10 years, you'll recoup the costs anyway. That is because if your energy savings don't match or exceed the total cost of your project, we will refund the difference!

How to qualify for the Smart Money Guarantee

If your home needs upgrades to boost energy efficiency and cost savings, then you may qualify for the Smart Money Guarantee. The following upgrades are considered qualified improvements by your Dr. Energy Saver or Attic Systems dealer:

  • Attic duct encapsulation
  • Attic air sealing
  • Attic hatch & pull-down stairs air sealing
  • Can light covers
  • Chimney chase & major opening sealing
  • Vented knee wall space sealing
  • Insulating with cellulose
  • Creating a conditioned attic

Save more with home energy upgrades

No matter if you're financing your home energy upgrades or paying out of pocket, you'll continue to see savings for years to come. If you choose to forgo those upgrades, as long as your home is losing energy, you're losing money.

Start your energy saving project today!

Once your project is complete, your authorized dealer will register your home into the program. Results will vary depending on the total cost of work and which upgrades are performed. Some may see total savings in 6 years, others in 10 - nevertheless, we have so much confidence in the work that we make this guarantee.